Our Story

This is a story about 2 people that hate desk jobs.

Back in 2021, we met and started going on a few dates. When two free spirited people get together, I guess it only makes sense to start a business together, right? With me being a crafty girl and Jack being the ultimate hype man and business wizard, Curly Fries closet was born. In fact, we weren’t even “officially dating” when we opened up shop. We started out designing stickers, and making jewelry out of various things like guitar picks (LOL). You could catch us at all the local farmers markets and pop ups. After a few rough days of sales, we decided we needed to pivot a little bit. An idea struck to open up a product line for socks.


Little did we know, they would become our BEST selling item and we would soon be known as "The sock people" at every market. We decided to dive in head first with that idea! WHO KNEW THERE WAS SUCH A DEMAND FOR SOCKS?! We have seen our business grow so much over the years and have loved the friendships we have made through it all. This businesses has allowed us to connect with the community on a whole new level! 

With lots of new products and plans for the future, we hope we can keep expressing ourselves and showing our creativity to the world!! 

So THANK YOU for allowing us to live our dreams and create the life we want! 

Kenly + Jack